3 Sure Fire Solutions on How to Fix A Cracked iPhone Screen

In case your Apple gadget gets dropped accidentally, it might result in a broken display. In this article, we have mentioned an essential guideline on how to fix cracked iPhone screen. Fortunately, you’ll come across quite a few ways for cracked iPhone screen repair in case it gets damaged unintentionally.

It is quite natural for you to search for money inside your pocket in order to repair damaged iPhone screen, even though the AppleCare+ customers can easily save some money. Consequently, it is essential to consider the different types of action that must be taken for repairing a damaged iPhone screen. Go through the subsequent paragraphs to get a fair idea regarding how to fix iPhone cracked screen.

Part 1:

1. Get a Repair from Apple Officially

Probably the best option to repair your iPhone will be to take the assistance of Apple which will definitely provide you with several options even though you might be out of warranty.

Things that you should bear in mind:
Always focus on the fine print when it comes to warranties. Although every single brand-new iPhone includes a lucrative one-year warranty for the repairs, numerous broken iPhone screens are actually considered by the company to be an accidental damage and not anything else. It is up to the company to decide whether the damage was accidental or not.

You will be required to shell out $130 in order to repair your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus with the assistance of AppleCare+ which will cover as many as 2 incidents of accidental impairment. This implies that it is possible to fix any smashed or cracked iPhone screen for only $30 irrespective of how it took place. However, for iPhone SE the cost will be quite less at only $100 although you’ll be rendered exactly the same services by AppleCare+.

As a matter of fact, Apple can easily repair your broken iPhone screen. You might be sent a box by the company which will enable you to dispatch your iPhone by mail or you might even make an appointment with the closest Apple Store for providing you with an on-site repair.

Try to behave in a cool fashion with the employees at the store who will be replacing the screen for free provided they think that it was not an accident. In case no other indication of damage is being shown by your iPhone and there is only a simple thin crack, they will definitely repair it for you free of cost.

2. Make Efforts to Fix It on Your Own

You will get help for many individuals on the Internet regarding replacing a broken iPhone screen. A plethora of information is out there to help you from YouTube channel and other sources of video clips. As a matter of fact, performing the job will definitely be much easier in case you’re seeing somebody also performing it on the screen.

You’ll come across many delicate parts within the iPhone which can easily be torn while trying to pry off the screen. Although it is possible to purchase an iPhone 6 screen for $40 online, you need to shell out approximately $250 for an iPhone 7 screen.

Making an effort to repair on your own will surely be quite risky and might result in costing you a considerable amount of cash due to further damage.

3. Let a Third-party Shop Fix It for You

The last solution of how to fix a cracked iPhone screen will be to take it to any third-party repairman for a quick fix. However, it may not be possible to save much money by doing so. On the contrary, the situation can even be aggravated since they might even end up breaking or damaging something else in the iPhone while repairing the screen.

In case the warranty is already voided by taking the iPhone to any unauthorized dealer, Apple might even refuse iPhone cracked screen repair for that particular phone. However, it will be safer as well as cheaper to allow Apple repair your phone in case you do have AppleCare+.

You will come across some wonderful third-party repair outlets on the market offering attractive prices; however, you need to be extremely meticulous and also perform your homework. Try to find out testimonials on any particular outlet or service and also verify the guarantees offered by them for doing the job. If there is no other way apart from going to a third-party then do that without any second thoughts.

Part 2:

How to recover information from damaged iPhone?

Here we are referring to one of the best iPhone data recovery software known as FontLab.

In case the iPhone screen does not work at all while it is being tapped, the thought of how to access and recover information from the cracked phone can work wonders for you. Although it might not be possible to perform anything on the screen you may make use of FontLab for recovering information from iTunes or iCloud as long as your iPhone is backed up to iTunes or iCloud.

A. Data Recovery of Damaged iPhone from iTunes backup

Step 1:
After running the iPhone data recovery Wizard, you must select “Recover from iTunes backup file” mode while every single file is going to be listed on the right side.
Step 2:
After selecting the appropriate iTunes backup, click on the “Start Scan” button.
Step 3:
The backup is going to be scanned very soon and the result will include all the deleted as well as existing information which will appear in different shades. Click on the button named “Only display the deleted items” for showing only the deleted info.
Step 4:
After ticking exactly what you would like to recover, press the “Recover” button for recovering iPhone information from iTunes backup.

B. Damaged iPhone data recovery from iCloud backup.

Step 1:
After selecting “Recover from iCloud Backup File from the left” ensure that you log into iCloud by making use of your Apple ID as well as password.
Step 2:
Following this, all the available iCloud backup is going to be listed. Click on the “download” button with the purpose of scanning all the iCloud backup files. The backup is going to be scanned automatically by the software.
Step 3:
After selecting the files for retrieving, click on the “Recover” button for protecting the iPhone data.


In the above-mentioned paragraphs, you have been shown the different ways to repair cracked iPhone screen and you have also been introduced to the innovative iPhone data recovery Wizard. This particular program will allow you to access iOS data even though the iPhone screen might not function.

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