Solutions to fix IPad won’t turn on problem

The Apple Company has come up with various generations of iPad. Most of the recent devices by Apple have a number of high-end features and specifications thus favorite among users. Nevertheless, an iPad user raises a few issues now and then regarding their respective devices.

Most users complain that the iPad won’t turn on. And this can be because the device’s battery is completely powered down or it is in a suspend mode. Below are few techniques to implement to fix the problem of your device not turning on.

Check iPad hardware and accessories

In order to fix this problem, make sure that your device has no hardware issues. The most common issue is using a non-authentic cable. With such a cable the device will create battery issue and in turn will not get enough power to turn on. At the same time, check and ensure that the battery is functioning without any flaw. Nonetheless, there are times that the charging ports also seem to malfunction. Therefore, you also have to make sure that is not the reason why the iPad won’t turn on.

In addition, make sure that the socket is working properly before ruling out any possibility. You can also clean its charging port as well as ensure that there is no physical damage
before following other options to fix it.

Force restart the iPad

This option only comes to play when you have made sure with absolute certainty that the device is charging properly with no hardware issues and still it won’t turn on. You can force restart your iPad by providing the correct key combinations. In order to force restart your device successfully,press the power button and the home button simultaneously for about 10 seconds.

Now give the iPad a few minutes to switch on. For you to eliminate any battery related problems, it is advisable to perform the reset while the device is connected to a charger.

Put the iPad into recovery mode

At times the problem can be more persistent than you can imagine. In case the device did not recover after force restarting it, you need to go an extra mile. At this stage, one of the feasible solutions is taking the assistance from iTunes while putting the iPad into recovery mode.

You have to connect the device to iTunes after putting it into recovery mode in order to update it. The device will be restored by following these steps:

To start with, launch iTunes on your system and connect a USB cable to it. At this point, leave the other end of the cable unplugged. However, before considering this option, make sure that you have an updated version of iTunes.

Now you have to press the home button while connecting it to your system. You should keep pressing the home button
until iTunes can recognize the iPad.

You will get connect-to-iTunes screen on your device if it is successful.ITunes will start analyzing the error once it has detected your iPad. After which it will provide a display message with the details on the error as well as its source.

More so, there will be a restore and update option at the bottom of the screen.

In order to fix the problem, you have to press either the restore or update options.

Set iPad to Device Firmware Update mode

Apart from setting your device into recovery mode, you can also put it in into device firmware update mode to resolve the iPad won’t turn on issue. The device firmware update is mostly used by a device when it updates to a new version of Ios. Nevertheless, you can put your device into this mode to resolve issues like this. To achieve this, follow these steps:

First, connect your iPad with a USB cable and connect the other end to your system. After which you should press
the power and home button simultaneously for approximately 10 seconds or until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Now, release the power button while holding the home button for another 10-15 seconds. If you have done this right,
an alert will appear on the computer saying “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes”.

These activities will put your device into a device firmware update mode. Therefore, you can now connect it to iTunes to update the firmware in order to turn it on.

Restore iPad with iTunes

Not only does iTunes help manage your music but it can also be used to backup and restore an ios device. In case you have taken backup with iTunes, you can easily restore it. With this possibility, you can fix a number of iPad related issues. In order to fix the iPad won’t turn issue, follow these steps:

The first step is to connect your iPad to your system and launch iTunes on it. You have to ensure that you are using
an updated version of iTunes.

After making the connection, wait for a while as iTunes will automatically recognize your device.

Then you have to select your device so that you are able to visit its summary page.

When you are on the backup section click on the restore backup option.

Clicking on the restore backup option will generate another pop-up window message.

Simply click on the restore button to agree and allow iTunes to restore your iPad. After following this technique, you might end up losing data. However, the device will turn on in no time.

Try another PC

If you are unable to restore your device, you should try using a different PC. This is because sometimes the driver problem prevents your computer from recognizing your ios device.

Talk to Apple

Unfortunately, you might follow all the discussed techniques but none will fix the iPad won’t turn on problem. At this point, visiting the nearby Apple store is the only solution to fix the iPad. An Apple support staff will suggest solutions or offer to repair and if it is necessary, replace the iPad. Of course, this may cost you especially when your device is
old and out of warranty.

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