Help! My iPhone Screen is Black!

If you’re a regular iPhone user and, like most other users, you’re dependent on it for everything – apps, social media,calling, texting, even business – then having your screen go black can be aliteral nightmare, and may make you wonder, “Why is my iPhone screen black, and what can I do to fix it?” However, this is no real cause for concern, as the black screen of death’ has many different causes, and an equal number of solutions that you can troubleshoot.

However, if none of these solutions work, you may have to go to an Apple Store and get a professional technician to look at your iPhone. Both hardware and software problems can cause this black screen.

Here are some common software causes of this black screen, and some solutions to counter the same:

1. Too many active apps: You might have too manyapps running in the background. Most users directly click the ?home’ button to exit the app instead of actually closing it, and when this happens, it’s more likely for your phone to overload and crash, leading to a black screen.

Solution: To counter this, simply restart your phone and wait for it to load. This should solve the problem. From next time onward, make sure to keep a note of how many apps you’re using and keep clearing their cache as often as you can. This not only keeps your iPhone from crashing and the screen from going black, but also improves your software speed, battery life and keeps your apps working fine.


Crashed app: In this case, no matter how many apps you have running, one of them may have crashed.

Solution: This is very common, and a simple restart ought to fix it. But still, make sure to go to the home button and press twice, view your list of recently used apps, and try to figure out which one could be causing the problem. Force-shut the app and then return to the home screen, and check again to see if your phone crashes after opening that app again.If this does happen, uninstall the app from your iPhone and make sure to go to the App Store and contact the app developer to report the issue and ask for support. Do not reinstall the app until you’ve got the help you needed. This may especially happen when you’ve installed a new version of the app recently and it hasn’t been tested out right, or isn’t particularly compatible with your version of iOS.

If this doesn’t work, try a hard reset by pressing the sleep/wake button and
the home screen button together for ten seconds, wait for a minute, and
restart. This ought to get your phone up and running. Then repeat the same
procedure as described above and see if the problem is fixed.


Unknown issue: Sometimes, like the common cold, the reason behind a black screen or a crashed phone isn’t clear. That shouldn’tdeter you from finding a solution, though.

Solution: Try a quick restart in any case, and if that doesn’t work, a hard
reset, holding both the sleep/wake and the home button at the same time, for at
least ten seconds before waiting a minute to restart, may solve the problem.


Problems with your iOS: If you suspect the problem may be your iOS itself, and even soft restarting or hard restarting isn’t doing the trick, you may have to do a factory reset.

Solution: Since your phone screen has gone black and is thus inaccessible, connect your iPhone to your computer to launch iTunes. Make sure to back up your data before doing anything else using the Back Up’ button located oniTunes.


After backing up your phone data, click the “Summary” tab under your
iPhone and then restore it by following the on-screen instructions. Do another restart,or a hard reset after repeating the procedure above, in case a soft reset
doesn’t work, and your iPhone should be back to normal now!

If none of the above solutions work for you, this may be a hardware defect. In such cases, you can take one of the following:

Two steps:

1. When nothing seems to be wrong: Just go to a hardware store. This is the easiest fix of all when you have no idea what the problem is and have a feeling you’ve done nothing wrong with the phone. Sometimes an iPhone, after months or even weeks of usage, can malfunction, and the only solution may be to seek a technician’s help.

Simply go to your nearest Apple Store and ask a professional to take a look at your phone and solve the problem. This is especially useful when you’re no tech whiz and have no idea how phones work or how to fix them, or if you don’t trust in your ability to do the same. This might be a costly procedure, but chances are your warranty will cover the expenses. If not, you should still consider going to a store.


2. Display problems: More likely than not, you’ve dropped your phone on the ground or in water, and the screen has now gone black because the LCD (liquid crystal display) cable and the logic board have become disconnected or dislodged, for the former, or the LCD has broken and must be replaced, for the latter.

Solution: If it has been dropped in water, try keeping your phone in rice for a
little while and see if your phone screen starts working again. If not, then
there’s definitely a bigger problem at hand. Again, it is suggested you go to a
hardware store and get your iPhone checked out by a technician instead of
fixing it yourself.

If you open up your phone and try to fix it yourself, your warranty may become void, and you may not be able to make sure of it in case your efforts fail or your phone goes kaput again in the near future. It’s always advisable to seek help from a professional technician.

However, if you’re hell-bent on fixing it yourself, make sure you remove the
SIM card before doing so, as well as the battery.

An iPhone is a serious investment, and it can be worrisome when this ?black screen of death’ interferes with your day-to-day work. Make sure to take better care of your iPhone from next time, like taking care of your app usage, keeping it from falling on the floor or in water, or having it suffer any damage whatsoever.

Here’s hoping these tips help you fix your iPhone, so you can go back to using your iPhone the way Steve Jobs meant for it to be used: in utterly perfect condition.

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