A Step by Step Guide on How to Replace a Cracked Galaxy s4 Screen

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Do you have a Samsung Galaxy s4 that has a cracked screen and you want to replace it? Well here is a simple step by step guide to replacing a galaxy s4 cracked screen without having to replace the whole assembly of the display.

As much as it is an easy procedure to follow, it also is quite complex and delicate. This is because you have to be careful not to damage the device any further as you avoid cutting or burning yourself. Therefore it is important that you follow the guide closely.

Necessary Equipment to Perform the Task

You have to prepare the following equipment before you sit down to replace your screen:


1. A replacement glass of Samsung Galaxy s4, it can be purchased from a local phone repair shop or online stores.
2. A heat gun or a hair dryer.
3. Safety glasses to prevent glass pieces from having contact with your eyes.
4. A small and thin plastic tool for the opening between the digitizer and the glass.
5. Metal spudger.
6. A piece of microfiber cloth or lint free wipes.
7. Contact cleaner.
8. Clear or packaging tape.
9. Finally a plastic razor blade.


How to Perform the Procedure


Here is the step by step procedure that you should cautiously follow:


Step One

You should remove the back cover/plate by the help of a spudger or simply use your fingernail. The next basic move is to remove the battery since it has no cables attached. If you still have your SIM card in there, push it in and release then it will eject. Do not forget to remove the memory card if you have one.

Step Two

You can now prepare your hair dryer or heat gun and set it low. The use of a heat gun is strongly recommended compared to a hair dryer since a hair dryer can at times get very hot and might destroy the digitizer. Do you have your heat gun ready? You can now heat the glass up for about 3-4 minutes also being cautious since if you heat up too much it might also cause harm to the digitizer causing discolorization. This step helps to soften the adhesive that is holding the glass to the assembly of the screen.

Step Three

Once the adhesive has been softened enough, you should now start to separate the edges of the galaxy s4 cracked screen from the rest of the device, preferably start from the top as you work your way around. To make this procedure easy, utilizing the use of the thin plastic tool is necessary but be sure not to destroy anything.

Step Four

If your screen is fully cracked that it almost looks like a spider web, you will need to place clear or packing tape on the screen to try and keep it as one piece and go slowly around it. The importance of taking it slow is to make sure that the screen does not shatter. During this procedure, it is necessary that you put on safety glasses such that if the screen happens to shatter you are protected.

Step Five

You can now carefully proceed to lift off the screen towards the center. If you find that there is difficulty in lifting the screen, you can now reheat it to stop the cooling of the adhesive but remember not to overheat.

Step Six

As you are taking the screen off you need to take good care around the two touch buttons and the home key found at the bottom of the device as they can be damaged. They are normally stuck to the piece of glass and have to be removed before you totally lift off the galaxy s4 cracked screen. Once you totally remove the glass, the phone will end up having adhesive remains on the digitizer.

Step Seven

With the help of a plastic razor, remove the rest of the glass reminders but be careful not to scratch the digitizer even though it can still work scratched since once the screen is on the scratches will not be visible. You should also take great care not to damage the keys at the bottom. Do you now have the glass screen totally lift off? If so, you can now proceed to clean the digitizer using a piece of microfiber cloth or lint-free wipes. Make sure that the digitizer is well cleaned with no residues left behind.

Step Eight

Once it is totally clean, it is now time to fix the replacement. Properly prepare the new glass by peeling the blue tape on the replacement screen. Make sure not to touch, leave marks, or allow dust to settle on the underside of the new glass. If you have to see any dust or marks, make sure to clean it up using a microfiber piece of cloth.

Step Nine

Before you place the glass screen on the phone, place the new adhesive that came with the replacement glass around the edges of the device with a lot of care. If the replacement did not come with adhesive, you can consider 3M 2mm strips. When all things are in place and the replacement screen is clean enough, so as the digitizer, you can now cautiously place the new glass on the device.

You can use LOCA glue to assemble the screen but be sure the glue does not come into contact with ear piece speaker or the lens of the front camera. Gently apply pressure on the sides and center of the glass, but you should be careful so as not to apply much pressure as it may cause damage to the digitizer. You can now proceed to remove the plastic cover that is on the top of the glass.

Step Ten

Once your replacement screen is in place, it is now time to put back your phone together. Place your SIM card and memory card (if available) back in followed by the battery. You can put back the back cover/plate and turn on your phone. Your phone is now ready to be used and should feel as good as new.

We wish you success in performing the procedure. But please be careful not to cause harm to your phone since we will not be responsible.

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